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Moonstone Earrings – 925 Sterling Silver

Beautiful sterling silver Moonstone earrings - the minimalist style has been designed so that all focus is on the stunning and powerful gemstone within. Crystal Dimensions - 7mm diameter.



  • Description

    nadeem-jpgThis piece has been designed and crafted by our friend Nadeem from Jaipur. Nadeem inherited his love of gemstones from his father and went on to follow his passion by starting a small family business making natural gemstone jewellery. Nadeem’s house is located in an unsuspecting lane just off of Jaipur’s old town. Upon entering you are met with the smells of simmering chai tea and the sounds of children playing. Walking into his office is like entering a gemologists dream – his magical workspace is filled with huge, glistening uncut boulders of natural gemstone. Nadeem is a perfectionist and his eye for spotting quality stones is exceptional. He is a kindhearted family man who enjoys sharing his passion for gemstones with the world as his father shared with him.

    To read more about Nadeem and his silver jewellery, click here.

  • Additional information
    Weight50 kg



    7mm (Diameter)

product description

Stunning natural moonstone crystal earrings set in 925 sterling silver with sterling silver butterfly earring clasp.

These moonstone earrings have an amazing blue ‘fire’ inside. When the crystal hits a certain angle the blue vibrantly shines throughout the stone. These minimalist earrings are perfect to wear both day and night as an eye catching stud.

A Few of Moonstone Healing Properties – as described in ‘The Crystal Bible’ :

  • Moonstone is a wonderfully calming crystal.
  • It enables deep emotional healing.
  • This stone has great benefits to the natural female menstrual cycle and is connected with the moon.

general info

  • We like to include a personalised message so please let us know if this is a gift so we can make sure that we are writing to the right person.
  • Your jewellery will come in our beautiful and eco-friendly packaging – making this the perfect gift or the best way to treat yourself – you deserve it!
  • Inside the packaging will be a write up of your stone – giving you more information about its wonderful healing properties.
  • Your happiness is important to us – if you are not satisfied for whatever reason then please contact us and we will arrange for a refund / replacement.
  • These are handmade 925 sterling silver earrings – all sterling silver can eventually tarnish because it is 92.5% silver and 7.5% other metals. This can be easily remedied by using a silver cleaning kit. We recommend avoiding overexposure to humidity and chemicals to prevent this from happening.
  • This semiprecious gemstone is 100% natural – all dark cleavage lines, inclusions, mineral deposits, small scratches etc are a part of the stone and make it divinely unique!