Kapha (Invigorating) Ayurvedic Cones – Natural Incense by Les Encens du Monde

Each divine Ayurvedic Kapha incense cone has an approximate burn time of 20 minutes (15 cones per pack).


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  • Description

    encens-du-monde-logoOur delightful range of natural Ayurvedic cones have been designed to balance our inner elements. Using Ayurvedic principles, our incense cones have been created around the three doshas (your mind-body type) – Vata, Pitta and Kapha. The doshas express your individual blend of emotional, physical and mental traits. A good balance between your mind, body and environment is key to a healthy life and a calm mind. Your lifestyle should reflect your own unique nature and so you will get the most benefit from choosing an incense cone that complements your dominant dosha.
    For more information about Ayurveda and the three doshas, click here.

  • Additional information
    Weight 105 kg

    15 cones

    Approximate burn time of each cone

    20 minutes

    Incense Type

    Ayurvedic incense cones

product description

If you are Kapha dominant (water and earth) – steadfast, trustworthy and patient but with a tendency to be too routine and indifferent – then our natural Kapha incense cones will stimulate you with white and red sandalwood, nard and night queen scents.

general info

  • Our Ayurvedic cones are┬ásourced from┬áLes Encens du Monde – an ethical company committed to quality, sustainability and fair trade.
  • The burn time is approximate and may vary.
  • Your incense will come in our beautiful Japa packaging which made from recycled and recyclable material.
  • If you would like to bulk order any of our incense then send us an email and we can make arrangements.
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