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meet pawan and his family …

Pawan and his family are talented natural Indian incense producers from Jaipur, India. Over cups of delicious chai masala in their family home they told us the story of how their father started the business from nothing but a passion for incense. They were all certainly raised to have a sharp nose and this was evident as Pawan lovingly talked us through their range of natural incense, detailing all the different scents that make up each stick. After many more cups of chai and having smelt their whole range of natural Indian incense they then took us to see the wonderful process where the bamboo sticks are hand rolled in the incense mixture. It was amazing to see the dexterity and skill involved.

Their families passion for incense is infectious and this comes through in the lively and buzzing atmosphere of their workplace. Everyone is friendly and eager to show you the latest scent they are developing and talk to you about how the natural incense mixture is made.

Pawan’s family are very spiritual and strongly believe in the use of incense to enhance yoga and meditation practice. They want to share the Indian love of incense with the world and hope that you will enjoy the traditional scents of India.

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