Nadeem – Japa - A Mindful Life

meet nadeem …

Nadeem is an incredibly talented gemstone artisan. He creates amazing pieces of jewellery from natural, hand-cut gemstones and has crafted all of our Japa silver jewellery. We met Nadeem whilst lost in old town Jaipur asking for directions. Nadeem, the fabulous host, invited us to his family home for a bowl of his mother’s sweet kheer (Indian rice pudding). And so the friendship was formed! His whole family were so welcoming and clearly shared his generosity of spirit, passion for life and joyful nature.

Nadeem is a skilled craftsman who has an exceptional eye for spotting quality stones, a talent he inherited from his father. Walking into his office is like entering a gemologists dream – a magical workspace filled with huge, glistening uncut boulders of natural gemstone. Nadeem is passionate about sharing his own love of gemstones with his children and the rest of the world, just as his father shared with him.

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