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meet lingling …

Lingling and her huge family live on a small island in the Philippines called Siargao. Siargao is a tropical paradise of coconut trees, turquoise seas and glistening white beaches. Lingling, with the help of her husband Ramon, set up their own business selling 100% natural, handmade coconut oil. Back in the days when Siargao island had no electricity, they would make coconut oil to burn at night for candlelight. Lingling is a truly inspirational and kind-hearted lady who through sheer determination has built her family business. Their coconut oil is now famous throughout the island for being completely natural and of the highest quality. With the growth of their business, their dreams of owning their own guest house can finally come true! Not only does Lingling run the business from her home, she also looks after her huge family and finds time to volunteer at the local school. She is passionate about educating the young children of Siargao and making school accessible for everyone.

Lingling’s whole family is incredibly talented – from her son Raymond, whose beautiful shell necklaces we sell here at Japa, to her husband Ramon who built the family a guest house from scratch.  We were inspired by Lingling and her talented family and wanted to share their incredible crafts with you.

To see Lingling’s wonderful coconut oil, click here