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6 Natural Ways to Beat Your Weekend Hangover

Most of us like to drink now and then… or more often than not! But as we all know this takes a huge toll on our bodies.

After spending an evening pouring chemicals down my throat, the next day I need to detox those bad toxins out!

So here are my top tips for dealing with a hangover naturally…


A favourite with all granny’s when you get ill – ‘hot lemon and honey’ is also a wonderful natural hangover cure. The lemon helps to steer away any potential colds and the teaspoon of honey adds a little sugary kick to your morning.


Squeeze half a lemon into a mug with a teaspoon of honey, then fill the cup with hot water from the kettle.


Yes I know it sounds like i’m stating the obvious but seriously, it is the elixir of life! I recommend drinking an entire pint of water before heading to bed and then slowly sip on a large glass in the morning.



Alcohol gets rid of some of our essential vitamins. Which can lower our immune system and leave us open to the horrors of cold and flu. So I recommend taking a couple of B-Complex vitamins the next morning, as B vitamins help detox our liver naturally.


After a heavy night drinking our bodies need to soak up all those toxins. Eating before and after is crucial to successfully managing your hangover. A good, big, healthy breakfast of avocados on toast with spinach, mushrooms and fried beans with tomatoes and garlic can go a long way to naturally replenishing your strength. Avocados and beans such as cannelini and borlotti are full of protein and good nutrients. Spinach is also a great source of magnesium, iron and B Vitamins.


Whether that is going for a run, a yoga class or simply taking a hot bath, you need to open up your pores and release all those chemicals.


Alcohol is a depressant and so can disrupt our mental balance. We often feel low after drinking and this can effect our behaviour and moods. I highly recommend taking some time to meditate, breathe and relax into the present moment. This will help to calm your mind and bring back more positive thoughts. Even if it’s just for five minutes!



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