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**We are on our summer holidays, thank you for your continued support, we will post orders on our return 14th August **

Welcome to the Japa mindfulness shop – the artisans’ voice. At Japa we look beyond the product to the story of those who work so tirelessly to capture the beauty of the world. We put the emphasis back on the artisan as we believe that great art comes from the heart of the maker.
In our mindfulness shop you will find high quality, ethically sourced, and eco-friendly products. Each is born of a unique perspective, a wealth of life experience and an individual’s journey. Everything from our intricately crafted jewellery to our hand-rolled incense and natural homemade coconut oil is created with love and kindness. We hope to share these stories and unique treasures with you.

If you would like to share your crafts with the Japa family – we would love to hear from you, get in touch.

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Welcome to the Japa Blog – a place for all the Japa family to come together, share and learn from each others experiences. Keep up to date with the latest in mindfulness, sustainability and travel. Visit the Japa blog to hear from like minded voices – we hope that through community action we can spread positive life ideals. Whether it’s hearing about life changing yoga retreats, grassroots sustainability movements or authentic travel experiences – Japa is your one stop blog for mindfulness, the environment and travel.

Let your voice be heard – everyone is welcome to write for the Japa Blog, get in touch!

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the people behind japa

The core of what makes Japa is simple, it is the people. Not just its founders, its writers or even the people who support our dream through our products. It is all people, everywhere, united by the ideals which we hold dear – Live Mindfully, Live Sustainably, Live Without Borders.

As a company, Japa was born when Harry and Charlotte were travelling through Northern India and befriended Amin, the first member of our growing Japa family. Entranced by the beauty of his art they were compelled to spread his story. As the Japa journey continued, others joined who would form the bedrock on which our family is founded. Today, Japa is an international collective of artists, travellers, and environmentalists. We want to unite people with a passion for mindfulness, the earth that we live on and the people who inhabit it. Japa is you – welcome to the Japa family!

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